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President of StrategiCareStaffing, Elmer Alegado, Shares the Value of Nurses and CNA’s

Elmer Alegado, an experienced healthcare professional, shares why we need to value nurses and CNA’s now more than ever before.

Across the healthcare field, nurses are the backbone of caregiving and quality patient care. They advocate for their patients, do good work out in the community, and assist the doctor regularly. Nurses play a critical role in hospitals and facilities around the world, which is why Elmer Alegado, President of StrategiCareStaffing Inc., is dedicated to providing healthcare staffing solutions in Lathrop, California. After more than 25 years as a physician, administrator of multiple medical clinics and nurse, Elmer Alegado shares the value of nurses in our healthcare system.

Nurses are ranked as one of the most trusted professions in the United States. Elmer Alegado explains that they must have a strong ethical code of conduct as they advocate for their patient’s needs, monitor patient progress, and administer medications. In addition to performing their duties, nurses must also be a calming, nurturing presence for patients who are nervous, lonely, or scared. According to Elmer Alegado, nurses spend the most time with patients and their loved ones, listening to their concerns while providing excellent care.

Doctors aren’t the only medical professionals that improve patient outcomes or understand complex medical techniques. Elmer Alegado explains that as the general life expectancy continues to rise, medical conditions, facility policies, and caregiving techniques become more complex. Nurses provide value by improving patient outcomes, including lowering mortality rates, healthcare costs, and average patient stay.

Nurses are not only caregivers but also teachers. According to Elmer Alegado, nurses teach patients about their conditions, medications, and symptoms. They prepare patients with the best information so that when they are discharged, they can continue healing correctly at home. Elmer Alegado goes on to explain that nurses also teach patients and their families the importance of exercise and making healthy eating choices. Nurses try to educate their patients in hopes of preventing future illnesses related to their current condition.

In the community, nurses promote wellness strategies, advocate for education, and share resources. Elmer Alegado explains that by discussing the value of routine check-ups and preventative measures, nurses can help to treat patients before conditions become severe. Additionally, nurses partner with local organizations to host blood drives, cancer screenings, cholesterol checks, immunizations, and more.

Certified nursing assistants (CNA’s) report to nurses and are also significant members of the healthcare team. They test the patient’s vitals and assist with other daily activities like bathing and dressing. According to Elmer Alegado, CNA’s also spend a great deal of time with the patients and their families, offering excellent care and a positive, professional attitude. They are essential on the front lines, especially during times of crisis, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic. Elmer Alegado explains that CNA’s help everything operate smoothly and efficiently while providing full-circle care for the patients.

Elmer Alegado notes that as the healthcare industry continues to grow, so does the need for nurses and CNA’s. The growth outlook for the nursing profession continues to rise and is one of the fastest-growing occupations in the country. The need for highly educated nurses is now more critical than ever before, which is why Elmer Alegado, president of StrategiCareStaffing Inc., fills key staffing vacancies with trained medical professionals. Elmer Alegado understands the value of nurses in the healthcare industry, and the value that healthcare staffing companies bring to medical facilities in need.

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