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Professionalism as a Certified Nursing Assistant – Elmer Alegado

Elmer Alegado, President of StrategiCareStaffing, explains what professionalism is and how a CNA should implement it into their careers.

Professionalism is needed in the workplace, and Elmer Alegado will argue that professionalism is essential for Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) to be successful in their careers. Certified Nursing Assistants are an integral part of teams in healthcare and regularly have contact with patients during a shift. The Certified Nursing Assistant is often the liaison between the nursing staff and the patient and their family. Because of this, Certified Nursing Assistants have a responsibility to maintain professionalism in the workplace.

Elmer Alegado sees professionalism as one of the most critical responsibilities of a Certified Nursing Assistant. The Certified Nursing Assistant must deliver patient care that is educated, ethical, competent, and attentive. Elmer Alegado believes that a Certified Nursing Assistant should be dedicated to preserving the patient’s dignity while also displaying high standards of professional behavior and mindset.

According to Elmer Alegado, Certified Nursing Assistants should be professional, maintain state certifications, and be open to learning and further professional development in the workplace. Professionalism is also following the correct chain of command and focusing on your scope of responsibilities. Elmar Alegado states that it is essential for a Certified Nursing Assistant to know when to ask for assistance.

A Certified Nursing Assistant’s professional attitude consists of having the ability to communicate effectively, collaborate with coworkers, and demonstrate compassion. Elmer Alegado stresses that the Certified Nursing Assistant must be able to treat each patient respectfully, regardless of their religious or ethnic background. The job will be stressful and intense at times. Elmer Alegado believes that the desire to help people in need and show them kindness is vital for a Certified Nursing Assistant. Elmer Alegado finds that all too often, people who do not have a genuine desire to help people, have a much harder time trying to maintain professionalism.

Elmer Alegado explains that it is important for Certified Nursing Assistants to maintain good grooming habits. A Certified Nursing Assistant needs to present themselves in the best possible way they can. Elmer Alegado lists five examples of ethical and unethical behavior for a Certified Nursing Assistant:


  • Keeping patients’ personal information private
  • Treating each patient equally regardless of religious, political, or ethnic background
  • Promoting health and protecting the lives of patients
  • Respecting everyone in their place of work
  • Giving care based on need


  • Using the hospital computer for personal use
  • Ignoring patient calls
  • Not responding to call lights promptly or when the CNA is available
  • Texting and being on your cell phone in patient areas
  • Avoiding or providing inadequate care for a patient due to their religious or ethnic background

Elmer Alegado believes that by focusing on professionalism, excellent care for patients will come as a result. Certified Nursing Assistants are not the only ones who will benefit from practicing professionalism. The entire healthcare team needs to be professional for high-quality patient care.

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